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http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1914_dat.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1914_dat.jpg)
Type 31 - 1914
The first car produced by the Kwaishinsha Company and the first to bear the "DAT" name. This car was powered by a two cylinder, ten horsepower engine.

http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1916_type41.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1916_type41.jpg)
Type 41 - 1916
That first DAT went on to become the Type 41 which was the first car to go into series production, although in small numbers. It's production continued to the mid '20s. The type 41 was a four cylinder model with just less than 16hp.

http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1921_lila.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1921_lila.jpg)
Lila - 1921
This is really pre DAT but worthy of inclusion here. The Lila was produced by the Jitsuyo Jidosha Co, based in Osaka from 1919. They would eventually merge with the Kwaishinsha Co to form the DAT Jidosha Siezo Co in 1925. This model continued production alongside the Type 41 under the new company. this model had a 8.5hp, 1260cc engine.
http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1923_type51.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1923_type51.jpg)
Type 51 - 1923
http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1930_type91.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1930_type91.jpg)T
ype 91 - 1930
All I really know about the DAT 91 is that it had a 500cc engine. It looks very much like an earlier Lila model and I believe it is in fact basically the same car.
http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1931_type10.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1931_type10.jpg)
Type 10 - 1931
This is where the Datsun legend really starts. The very first models carried the name "Datson" which was also used in the publicity material of the day. This car had a 747cc four cylinder engine and came in sedan and roadster versions. In a way the type 10 was almost a pre-production version of the classic Type 11, the car widely regarded as the first Datsun. The type 10 is easily identified from the type 100 by it's horizontal vents on the hood side panels. See the cover of a 1931 sales brochure

http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/thumbnails/1932_type11.jpg (http://www.ratdat.com/history/1911to1932/images/1932_type11.jpg)
Type 11 - 1932
The true first Datsun, the Type 11. This is an improved Type 10 still with the 12hp engine. The vents on the hood sides are now vertically pressed rather than horizontal. Finally, the name Datsun was in use, although this wasn't to last long. A couple of years later after merging with Nihon Sangyo the name finally became Nissan Motor Company and soon the Datsun name would be used mostly for light trucks and export models.

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